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Guide To Write A 5 Paragraph Essay 2021



This is a writing guide that lists and explains the 5 paragraph essay structure. It also includes sections on how to write your introduction, examples of introductory sentences, review paragraphs, and conclusions? You can take the help of essay writing service.

What Is A 5 Paragraph Essay Structure?

The five paragraph essay is very popular among students because it is easy to understand and follow. Here are its basic rules: each paragraph should have a topic sentence (thesis statement) followed by at least 3 supporting facts or details (body paragraphs). Introduce an idea in the first body paragraph, support it in the second body paragraph, and use the third body paragraph for another detail. In conclusion you will restate your thesis statement before presenting your final thought as a closing remark.

The body paragraphs should have at least three sentences and these sentences should have at least 3 topics. You can use sub-headings but they must follow the order of your body paragraphs. You can get help from this best essay writing service.


Here are other parts that you will need to consider in writing a five paragraph essay:

How To Write The Introduction? 

The introduction is an important part of the essay because it gives the reader a general idea about what your paper or thesis is all about. It creates interest and makes them want to read on to find out more information. Here are useful tips for making your introduction interesting:

Use an attention-grabbing opening sentence * Use a question (but only if possible) * Give examples as illustration/support ** Start with something unexpected *** Use a quotation that supports your thesis Get more tips for writing an essay introduction. The college essay writing service is here for your rescue.

How To Write The Review Paragraph?

 A review paragraph is your last chance to support and reinforce the things you mentioned in the previous body paragraphs. Here are some tips on how to write one: * Outline what you said in your intro then expand each point by giving details, examples or explanations * State the main points of one body paragraph at least two times -- once towards the beginning (before the transition) and again towards the end (after another transition) ** If there's room at the bottom of your page, summarize what is written in all 3 paragraphs -- this will help readers who read quickly but miss small details

How To Write Your Conclusion Paragraph?

 The conclusion paragraph is a final wrap-up of your paper and will include: * A restatement of the topic, thesis statement and/or specific purpose in the subject line (usually at the beginning) * An explanation that concludes all things you've said in your introduction, body paragraphs and review paragraph People like to scan written documents quickly, so make sure every paragraph ends with one or more transition words. This way readers can easily navigate through your document without taking too much time on each page.

Use transitions effectively Transition words are used to connect sentences with one another and add structure to a sentence. Here is an example describing what happens when people use transition words incorrectly: "The following day after their meeting was over went to Starbucks to discuss." Compare this sentence to the one below, which uses transition words correctly: "The following day after their meeting was over, John and Bob went to Starbucks to discuss." The first example doesn't give readers a sense of where we are in time or location. It makes your writing difficult to follow. Readers should understand what happens when you start describing events in the order they happen by using transition words appropriately. Low on budget try this cheap essay writing service.

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