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Academic Essay Writing Starter Kit

Academic essays are many and each comes with a different way of presenting the information or the argument. The journey of writing academic Write my essay starts from early in our school life and continues to be a part of our further academic studies, up to post-doctorate.

Once considered a daunting task, academic essay writing should be an easy task. There is a plethora of information to choose from and various essays available online to get an idea from. If you are still unsure, hire a free essay writer and get done with your academic essay writer

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Before going into the tips of great essay writing it is important for us to know the type of essays there are.

Types of Academic Essays

  • Narrative Essays

A narrative essay is much like a short story. It allows the creative writer in you to write a story with characters, description, and a story arc The essay will ask the writer to use a story to narrate the personal experience, using the various fiction writing techniques such as dialogues, action sequences and more.

  • Descriptive Essays

A descriptive essay lets the writer describe a scene, an object, or a place and through its description tell the readers a story. Unlike narrative essays, the descriptive essay doesn’t involve the personal experiences of the writer.

Expository Essays

Each type of Expository essay allows the writer to talk about one or two subjects. It encourages the writer to dive into the topic and get to know the subject. This information can then be used in parallel to each other, or it can be used to classify the information.

Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay including an argumentative essay writing service is a type of essay that uses logic and evidence to convince the reader about a point of view.

Knowing Your Audience

No matter what type of essay you should put some time to know your audience. You have to gather information about the subjects they read, the type of information that they are friendly too, and the various biases that have seeped into them. 

This way you will be writing in a prose that is suitable for your reader, in style and difficulty. You should also aim as a writer to make sure that you don’t alienate the reader with the presentation of arguments and examples. Make sure your logic is fully understood by them and the examples are ones that they are accustomed to.


Prewriting is a good way to start your essay. At this stage instead of diving into the writing, you brainstorm ideas and examples that will furnish your writing. 

Brainstorming techniques such as Mindmapping and Listing are the most common and most effective ways to jot down ideas and arguments for your write my paper

Writing and Structuring

  • The introduction should have a hook to capture the reader’s attention and end with a thesis statement that will announce the main purpose of the essays and how it will tackle it.
  • Each body paragraph will have a topic sentence that will indicate what the paragraph is about. 
  • Every paragraph will have a distinct idea supporting the thesis and being supported by examples.
  • There should be no logical fallacies in the text. 
  • Use of Active Voice is recommended, with a good transition between paragraphs.
  • The conclusion should be a summary of all the salient points.

Review and Revise

Lastly, no essay is complete without proofreading it for fallacies, whether they are grammatical, structural, or logical. 

After putting the paper writing service through the online checkers and tools, it’s best to print out the document in order to revise it for structural mishaps. Being your own critic is difficult at times, so it is advised to hand the task over to a peer or a colleague at some stage of the review process.

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