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Linking thesis statement to topic sentences: the college writer's guide 2021


Essay writing can be tedious if you are not aware of how to progress through it. There are certain elements of the essay that must be properly included within the text so that every aspect of the essay has been met with justice. Two such elements include the thesis statement as well as the topic sentences.

The thesis statement is the crux of the entire essay. It captures the necessary elements that you shall be discussing within the essay. The thesis has to be well-crafted so it captures the true essence of the essay.

Topic sentences hold great worth in maintaining the flow of the essay. The topic in each paragraph is introduced and must be in line with the thesis and the general theme of the essay. If you ask best essay writing service how to write an essay, these two elements would be paramount for the success of an essay. But these two must be linked together successfully to be effective within the essay, here is how you link them

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  • First, you must have a proper idea of the topic and what you are going to be discussing. Take the topic and narrow it down enough so you can have enough food for thought without going into information overload.
  • Once you have decided on the topic, it is time to craft the thesis statement. The thesis should neither be too broad nor too narrow. The scope should be defined and you must know what you shall be talking about.
  • From the thesis development, you will get certain keywords that will help you through the essay. These keywords are repeated and can be used to elaborate on the essay and what it contains.
  • Remember, the topic sentences for the paragraphs shall highlight what the paragraph will contain. Essentially, each paragraph will be in line with the topic of the document. The topic sentence is a way of introducing your para to the readers. If you want some help regarding thesis or topic sentences, it is easily available. I requested a specialist of essay writing service to write my essay for me. The knowledge gained is immense.
  • Take the keywords that have been used within the thesis and use these to develop topic sentences of the paragraph. Each paragraph will uniquely identify the topic from a different angle and thus the keyword will serve as a guide for the topic sentence.
  • Many times, the thesis will be in the form of multiple parts where every part shall be discussing the topic in a certain way. Each of these parts can serve the purpose of the topic sentence with some modifications. Consider the following thesis statement for a generic essay
    • Harry Potter novels are such a huge success because of their ability to attract readers of all ages, a well-established storyline, and an overall strong plot.
    • In the above statement, you have given three reasons why Harry Potter is a good novel. These three parts can make three separate body paragraphs with proper topic sentences.
  • Use topic sentences to flow from one section to the other in a proper manner without any interruptions. This can only happen if you have matched your topic sentences to the topic and thesis in a careful manner. If you ask college essay writing service to write my essay, I expect it to be written with passion and care. Experts do the same for every assignment they receive. So why not contact them.

You must know the ins and outs of the topic sentences and thesis statements before you move any further in writing a draft of your essay. Be careful as both these elements are there to enhance the flow of the work and make it much more cohesive rather than jumbled. Paying extra care to these elements is the key.


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